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AFROPUNK music festival in NYC (x)

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Ikuhara's Yuri Kuma Arashi to air in January 2015 ›


The official website has updated as was promised and the front page confirms that it will on MBS in winter 2015


The next update comes the 30th of September. As a reminder:


  • Director: Kunihiko Ikuhara
  • Original character design: Morishima Akiko
  • Character…

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Gobelins/Calarts 2014. Nadya Mira. 

And all the GREAT people whe were helping me

BG painting: Vasiliy Zorin Alexandre Deboine Sergey Kritskiy

Animation: Elena Volk, Pavel Andryuschenko, Tony Unser, Denis Borisovich, Toniko Pantoja,  Nata Metlukh  Eve Guastella Thidaud Gayral  Ilya Shekiladze, 

and many thanks to Fran Krause who was my film workshop teacher at Calarts

Yo, I don’t know what you nerds are doing here on Tumblr when ya’ll could be watching the new shipment of Gobelins student films on Youtube.

This is one of my favourites so far, brought to you by a team of fantastic artists and directed by the same awesome lady who worked on Le Dauphin Dauphin with Thibaud Gayral.

Keep your eyes on the Gobelins Youtube Channel ’cause they’re still uploading new videos, or just check back here every now and then as I continue to post my favourite animations.


炎の転校生/Blazing Transfer Student (1991) - Studio GAINAX

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Next Gravity Falls episode, watch it!


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